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Why would anyone want to use an android phone and a mac computer?

By Brett Wolterstorff


For your phone would you like to actually see the background image on your phone? Would you like to organize the apps on your phone into categories that you could easily find and navigate to? Would you like to accomplish almost anything on your phone with 3-4 taps? Are you realistic about the number of apps you use and have discovered that they are all "main stream"? Would you like to split the screen on your phone for two apps at once? Would you like to actually manage your apps and how much space their data consumes? Would you like to speak into your phones "digital assistant" and have it understand you? Would you like to effortlessly move your videos, music and documents from one device to another without giving all your freedom over to the cloud? Would you like your phone battery to last all day, all night, all next day?

For your computer would you like to use a simple gesture with a few fingers to go to a whole new desktop that has all the space you needed? Would you like to have a computer that lasts for hours and weighs almost nothing?  Would you like to get upgrades for free? Would you like the most vibrant screen known to man? Are you so horrible with your PC at work that you talk to tech support almost daily? Would you like to never worry about adware, spyware, viruses and malware again? Would you like to just walk into a store and get the help you always wanted with your computer without judgement? Do you like your computer to be the sexiest looking thing in the room?

If any of these hypothetical situations sound like something you might be interested in then you're a techmongrel and welcome home.  This is just one example of a device combinations that are available today that make sense for a large majority of the public.  Would you like to know how to navigate this great divide?  TechMongrel.com is here to help.  Follow us on twitter to interact and ask questions or you just want a unbiased third party opinion on what device is right for you, we can help with your dilemma.

Give us a chance and see how we do, this may flop or flourish, all I know is that we're going to give it a go.

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Did you accidentally add all your contacts to your works exchange account and not iCloud?

Check out the App for you - http://contactmoverapp.com/


Do you have a manufacturer phone (example Samsung Galaxy S6) and have a problem with battery life and despise all these apps that you don't want on your phone?

Check out how to Disable and Hide them - http://tinyurl.com/jj3zp8p (don't like giant links, its safe)

TechMongrel is dedicated to those of us that have not and do not plan on choosing between Apple and Android or Mac and PC.  Why should we have to? 

What if I like Macs but don't like the iPhone?  What if i like PC's but it's hard to use my free Android phone?  What if I just like the personalization of Android, but like how an iPad feels in my hands?  What if I'm not made of money and simply cannot afford anything Apple except for the iPhone work gave you?  

This is where you come for tech reviews, device advice, and applications designed to help you navigate both worlds.